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Michaela Marek


Furniture design

Moboxo is a highly mobile, flexible, modular furniture system – organisational furniture and transportation at the same time. The focus is first of all on consistent mobility. The system is no longer adapted to spatial structures but to processes and operational procedures. With module adapters Moboxo can be assembled to existing furniture and under desks. Thereby Moboxo supports workplace-independent concepts such as „flex working“ and „desk sharing“ without restricting the employees’ identity.

Moboxo meets the same requirements in terms of high-quality appearance as in terms of functionality. The box is designed straight-lined and function-oriented. Moboxo is qualified for being used in the office sector not only because of its versatility but also because of its representative character.

Due to its variability Moboxo can be combined with almost every furnishing. Therefore Moboxo is a genuinely useful component on each track.

In terms of color Moboxo can be adapted to all existing fitments and furniture.



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